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Mission's Statement

To provide youth cancer patients and their families with spiritual strength, emotional support, or special gifts from Andrew; so they may have Andrew's courage throughout their cancer journey.

501C3 Number: 92-0566785

Be The Reason Someone Smiles

Donations can be made directly to the Andrew Wernicke Courage Foundation or to a specific fundraiser.

Andrew Wernicke Courage Foundation

A foundation established to help children with cancer and their parents by providing financial and emotional support.

A Gift From Andrew

Once $2000 is reached, a gift is given to a special child to use on the things they enjoy.

Help Me Make It Through The Night

More information to be provided. The setup for this project is currently in progress.

Donations by check can be written to:

Andrew Wernicke Courage Foundation
1639 Sundew Road
Sobieski, WI 54171